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Giordano Bruno Crater   Leave a comment


Giordano Bruno Crater, 22km across.  Recently the LROC team produced a very high resolution image and published a 778meg TIFF file.  I took the 1 meg thumbnail of that file and combined it with the elevation data cut from LDEM_128.jp2 produced by the LOLA science team.   Here are a couple of snapshots of the result with the camera just off the floor of the crater.


A little to the left of the previous image, both looking North.


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South Pole of the Moon   Leave a comment


Snapshot of 11-million-face .ply file generated from LDEM_85S_20M.jp2 produced by the LOLA science team.  Click for full size.  Colorized by height and by lighting, which brings out the mountains and high plateau.  Shackleton Crater at center-right.  Where would you land?

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