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LAC 124: Phocylides Crater   Leave a comment

30 degree by 16 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 124 seen in oblique view from the south.

Closeup of 115km Phocylides Crater, with  sharp-edged 28km Phocylides F interrupting the rim.  34km Phocylides E in the right foreground.   Image generated from ldem_128.jp2 found at


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LAC 093: Gassendi, Doppelmayer, Liebig, Palmieri, Vitello Craters   Leave a comment

16 x 20 degree LAC 093 with Gassendi Crater centered at the top.

65km Doppelmayer Crater, 41km Lee Crater and 43km Vitello crater at the southern edge of LAC 093.

View from the west of Rimae Doppelmayer, Rimae Liebig, and Rupes Liebig along the edge of Mare Humorum.

X marks the spot!  40km Palmieri Crater seen from the west.  39km Liebig Crater on the left (North).

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LAC 094: Hesiodus, Pitatus, and Bullialdus Craters   Leave a comment

16 by 20 degree LAC 094 on the Near Side of the Moon.

43km Hesiodus Crater and 101km Pitatus Crater.

Closeup of Hesiodus and 14km Hesiodus A.

61km Bullialdus Crater with 25km Bullialdus A in foreground.  43km Lubiniezky Crater in the distance.

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LAC 031 and detail of Wiener F Crater   Leave a comment

Northern portion of LAC 031 with 111km Kurchatov in the foreground and 113km Wiener center-right.  To the right of Wiener is 45km Wiener F that looks interesting:

View from the North looking South.

View looking West.

View from the South looking North.


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Finsen Crater   Leave a comment

finsen73km Finsen Crater on the Moon’s far side, on the border of 237km Leibnitz Crater.  25km Finsen C in the distance, and 29km Finsen G to the right.  Section of LAC 120. Image derived from SLDEM dataset available at Map A Planet 2.

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Jules Verne Crater   Leave a comment

145km Jules Verne Crater.  See LAC118

Straight lines on the eastern side of the crater demand a closer look:

Three straight walls.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 12.39.22 PM


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Van Der Waals Crater   Leave a comment

34km Pogson F, 43km Van der Waals W, with a portion of 113km Van der Waals Crater in the foreground.  Central portion of Lunar Astronautical Chart 117.

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