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75 South   1 comment

The South Pole of the Moon, unprojected.  A 75 degree south bump map in stereographic projection unprojected and plotted as a 3d surface.  The coloring is a gradient that emphasizes the curvature.  Pixels in the original 485×485 file are 1920 meters apart.  From a 240 meter original:  ldem_60s_240m.jp2.  The landscape is 30 degrees across, or 931km.  (578 mi, about the distance from Detroit to Boston.)

I created a dome on the same grid whose base touches the corners and then added the heights from the bump map.  The addition should be radial instead of parallel, but this produces an error of less than 2 percent at the corners.

A relief plot of the above.

The view from meshlab.

South Pole of the Moon, double-height.


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Over the Pole   2 comments

Over the Pole, from the far side of the Moon, looking Earthward.  Peary crater is the plain at the left.

The North Pole of the Moon.  2.5 degrees wide, 75 km.  Resolution 50 meters, 300 meters/millimeter.

LROC image Arizona State University

Framed and painted tiles.  The height is doubled relative to the area scale.  2.5 degree above, 5 degree below.

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Plato and Sinus Iridum   Leave a comment

Redid the earlier captures for more dramatic landscape.

Cropped from grayscale tiff 1km per pixel.  Stretched histogram to exaggerate contrast.  About the distance from Boston to Chicago.

16 pixels per degree, rendered in 3D.

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