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Peary Crater at the North Pole   Leave a comment


Peary Crater with the North Pole of the Moon in the distance.   At the left the sharp-edged crater is Hermite A, a virtual twin of Shackleton Crater at the South Pole.  The color is lighter with height.  Most of the deeper craters in this view are candidates for ice mining.  From LDEM_85N, produced by the LOLA science team, imaged in Mathematica and visualized in Meshlab.


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Boussingault Crater   1 comment



Boussingault Crater in the lower right quadrant of the Moon.  The crater-in-a-crater aspect holds out hope the floor will be composed of material from the interior.  See

Imaged from ldem_64 produced by the LOLA science team.  64 pixels per degree, 10 x 20 degree section colored and lit in Meshlab.

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