Theophilus and Cyrillus model   Leave a comment


Theophilus and Cyrillus in Maple at scale of about 1:860,000.  Model about 240mm across.


Desaturated photo at low angle.

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Theophilus Crater   Leave a comment


99km Theophilus Crater from the north looking south with 98km Cyrillus.  Imaged from SLDEM at Map-a-Planet-2.


Overhead view with south up from quickmap.


Central peaks of Theophilus Crater from the north.  Scene roughly 30km square.

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Krasovskiy Crater   Leave a comment


62km Krasovskiy Crater right of center with 96km T and 36km J to the left and right.  Close-up of LAC 68 imaged from SLDEM at Map-A-Planet-2.


Quickmap view from overhead.


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Bonpland, Parry, and Tolansky Craters   Leave a comment


59km Bonpland and 47km Parry Craters with 13km Tolansky crater a bit exaggerated in the foreground. Imaged from SLDEM at Map-A-Planet-2.


The view from orbit courtesy of the ACT-REACT Quickmap enhanced to bring out the Rimae Parry and the rays.


Section from LAC 76.  In the Clementine Atlas of the Moon Tolansky is labeled Parry A.

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Letronne Crater   Leave a comment


118km Letronne Crater imaged from SLDEM dataset found at Map-A-Planet-2.  Snapshot in Meshlab of stl relief file, enhanced in Photoshop.  There are a few rilles in the foreground I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere.  The advantage of a southern illumination.

They are not that easy to see even from orbit:  The WAC camera view


Here is the same view with the histogram stretched:


Another angle with Gassendi A and Gassendi B.



Apollo 16 view of Letronne Crater.

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Herschel Crater   1 comment


39km Herschel Crater lit from the south imaged from SLDEM dataset found at Map-A-Planet-2.


View from the Command Module of Apollo 12.

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Ptolemaeus Crater   Leave a comment


Oblique view of 153.67km Ptolemaeus with lighting from the south.  Alphonsus at the lower left with part of Albategnius and all of Klein at the lower right.  Detail from LAC 77 imaged from SLDEM dataset available at the Map-A-Planet-2.  Snapshot made in Meshlab and enhanced to show the many craterlets on the floor of Ptolemaeus.

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