Model of Gassendi Crater   6 comments


24cm model of region around 111km Gassendi crater.  Model cut from 5/4 maple lumber.  Scale roughly 1:750,000.

Quickmap ( view of Gassendi brightened up a bit.

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Encke Crater   Leave a comment


28km Encke crater with 32km Kepler crater in the distance.  Imaged from SLDEM available from Map A Planet 2.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.08.59 PM

Section of LAC 057.




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Jackson Crater, farside   Leave a comment


71km Jackson Crater located at 22 degrees North and 163 degrees West.  Imaged from SLDEM available at Map A Planet 2.


Section of LAC 051 from Planetary Names.

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Clavius, Scheiner, Blancanus, Rutherfurd, Porter   Leave a comment


22cm x 28cm model of Clavius Crater and its neighbors Scheiner, Blancanus, Rutherfurd and Porter.  Imaged from ldem_128.jp2 found at and cut in Maple with a CNC.   Shape results from selecting sector of sphere:  12 degrees latitude and 28 degrees longitude.


View with higher sun angle.

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King Crater   Leave a comment


76 km King Crater on the far side of the Moon.  Image generated from SLDEM available at Map a Planet 2.


Unusually detailed section of LAC chart 065.


View of King Crater from Apollo 16.

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Picture of the Century   Leave a comment


Copernicus Crater from Map A Planet SLDEM data with lighting of the surface using Blender.


An attempt to reproduce the Picture of the Century, taken by Lunar Orbiter 2 in 1966, with the original seen below.


The original.


The reprocessed version by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project.

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Haldane Crater   1 comment


40km Haldane Crater imaged from SLDEM dataset at Map-A-Planet-2.  Snapshot in meshlab enhanced in photoshop to bring out the rilles both in the interior and concentric to the crater.


Overhead view from quickmap.


Section of LAC 81 from

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