Apollo 16 Landing Site   Leave a comment


Model of Cayley Plains and Descartes Mountains; the Apollo 16 landing site.  Scale 1:250,000, two degree sector, about 24 cm square (9.5″).  Fresh off the CNC, still with some fuzz.

LRO view of the area:



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Aristarchus Plateau, SLDEM   Leave a comment


240mm x 310mm model of Aristarchus Plateau made from maple lumber.  Data from map a planet 2 SLDEM.



Maple model ebonized with a black dye and finished with a dull lacquer.

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Apollo 17 Landing Site   Leave a comment


1:250,000 scale model of Taurus Littrow Valley, landing site of Apollo 17.  Model derived from data obtained at Map a Planet 2 SLDEM.  There is still a bit of fuzz on the wooden model.


Overhead photo with labels and route of astronauts.


Maple model ebonized with black dye and finished with a dull lacquer.

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Komarov Crater on the far side of the Moon   2 comments


Komarov Crater imaged in meshlab, with extra contrast added in photoshop.  6.62 degrees in longitude, 6 degrees in latitude sector from SLDEM at Map a Planet 2.


Closeup of floor of north end of Komarov Crater with a portion of Mare Moscoviense at the upper right. Scene is about 90 km in width.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.24.51 AM

Overhead view from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera.

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Tycho’s Central Peak   Leave a comment


Meshlab snapshot of Tycho’s central peak generated from LRO LOLA and Kaguya Terrain Camera DEM Merge available for public use at the Astrogeological Science Center found here.  For comparison, see camera view below:


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Hercules and Atlas   Leave a comment


Wooden model of Hercules and Atlas craters.  Scale of model about 1:650,000. (240mm x 400mm) Photo taken with red flashlight and then color removed.  First model with data from SLDEM dataset at 512 pixels per degree.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.21.44 PM

Overhead view from Quickmap.


Black leather dye was used to ebonize the model.  Finished with a dull lacquer.


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Copernicus 3D   Leave a comment


There is a new dataset, 512 pixels per degree from 60 degrees north to 60 degrees south that combines Selene and LRO into one SLDEM.  It’s too big to easily manage, so Map A Planet 2 (beta) lets you select an area of interest and have the file processed for download.  Just the faintest of seams remain.

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