Artemis Landing Sites   Leave a comment

Nobile Rim 2

If anyone would like to 3D print a model of an Artemis landing site, send me a note in a comment and I can send you an stl file. Use the names on the map.

Most are 200mm across (scale 1:100000), with about 250,000-350,000 faces, and should be ready to print.  I’m working my way through the list: NASA has 27 sites listed originally, and a recent announcement (link below) said 13.  I’ve done the 13 so far and will be doing all 27.  I’ve also got just surfaces at the original scale of 5 meters per pixel (except Haworth at 10 meters).  

Artemis Landing Sites

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Appenines   Leave a comment

Image captured when Moon was 10 degrees off the zenith. Tried new sharpening technique. 7″ Maksutov Cassegrain telescope, FL 2670, F/15 prime focus, camera ASI183MM, best 3% of 2111 frames.

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Mare Imbrium, Mare Frigoris   Leave a comment

Moon ten degrees from zenith about 6am EST October 15. 178mm f/15 maksutov ASI183MM Pro at prime focus. This image is both reduced 50% is size and saved as jpeg 400k. Original tif 142 meg. Image capture was 40 Gb.

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Vallis Alpes   1 comment

Moon at 80 degrees altitude this morning. I finally got an image of the rille running down Vallis Alpes. You’ll need to click on the image and zoom in to see it is barely there. Counted ten craterlets in Plato.

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High Moon   Leave a comment

The Moon was near Mars this morning, about ten degrees off the zenith. Shot with ASI183MM Pro, a twenty-megapixel astronomy camera, 2.4 micron pixels; a perfect match for my 178mm f/15 Maksutov. Sharpcap for capture and Astrosurface for processing. 50% of full size.

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Promontorium Heraclides   Leave a comment

Promontorium Heraclides is the southern end of Sinus Iridum. This image is a Wide Angle Camera image overlaid on a 3D model generated by data acquired by the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter. A snapshot was taken of the model, and the result processed in photoshop and sharpen AI. Luna 17 landed near Heraclides F, the prominent crater bottom central. The image can be expanded quite a bit for more detail. There is a nice little rille bottom left.

Annotated Sinus Iridum by LRO; Promontorium Heraclides is labeled at bottom-left. (from Wikipedia)

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Tycho Rays   Leave a comment

Shot around the August full Moon with ASI178MM six megapixel camera. Processed to bring out the rays.

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Messier 51   Leave a comment

Can you do astrophotography from the middle of Manhattan? Vixen ED103s f/7.7 800mm telescope and ASI178MM six megapixel camera. About 45 minutes exposure time.

Lord Ross, 1850 sketch of Messier 51

Four inch telescope above, six foot telescope below, separated by 171 years.

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Endymion, Hercules, Atlas   1 comment

Shot August 24, 2021 from Manhattan rooftop using 7″ f/15 Meade Maksutov with 2670mm focal length and ASI533MC Pro camera. Original 3008×3008; Autostakkert trimmed it a bit. That’s Plato washed out at lower left. 125km Endymion has the crinkled shadow center top. With Jupiter at opposition, they have the same width in arcseconds: 48. I used Sharpen AI to aggressively sharpen then added 1.5 pixels of blur in Photoshop. I believe that’s 142km Pythagoras completely overexposed with an extensive ray system on the left.

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Langrenus and Vendelinus Craters   Leave a comment

132km Langrenus and 141km Vendelinus Craters along the terminator. Shot October 3, 2020 at 11:47pm with Meade 7″ f/15 Maksutov and 2″ Barlow. Best 25% of 2500 frames using ASI294MC pro camera.

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