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Cardanus Crater and Krafft Crater   Leave a comment

49km Cardanus Crater at Western edge of Oceanus Procellarum.  51km Krafft Crater almost due North, connected by 60km Catena Krafft.

Krafft Crater with more overhead view of Catena Krafft.  Imaged from SLDEM found at Map A Planet 2.

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Seleucus Crater and Briggs Crater   Leave a comment

45 km Seleucus crater in Oceanus Procellarum.  Briggs crater to the Northwest. Section of Lunar Astronautical Chart 38.


36.75km Briggs crater at the edge of LAC 38.  Both imaged using SLDEM dataset from Map a Planet 2.

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Montes Apenninus   1 comment

19 degree x 22 degree sector of the Moon, Eratosthenes at the lower right, Archimedes at the top, and Montes Appenninus along the diagonal.  Scale roughly 1:2,000,000.  The sector is a bit narrower at the top, as a CNC accident necessitated a trim.  27cm tall, and about the same at the widest part.  The fuzz along the grain lines at the right is an artifact of machining and will be removed during finishing.  Maple blank 28cm x 29cm x 4cm; over 2cm material removed at the corners to generate the curvature.

Actual size on the model is one inch square, or 25mm.  Rima Hadley, the Apollo 15 landing site.


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Struve Crater and Eddington Crater   Leave a comment


What looks like a mountain range is simply the border between two walled plains: 164km Struve on the left and 120km Eddington on the right. (The curved thin white lines are an artifact from the screen capture.)



16 x 20 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 37.

struve crater

A slight change of angle.

Wide view of LAC 37.


View of Struve Crater.


Closer look at Struve L and rilles.

Briggs A on the border of Russell Crater.

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Far side craters: Leucippus Q   Leave a comment

89km Leucippus Q with the rim and a bit of floor of 57km Leucippus to the north.

Section of Lunar Astronautical Chart 53; Leucippus Q The crossing 26 degrees North and 120 degrees West is left of center.

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Far side craters LAC 052   1 comment

10 – 15km craters at 26 degrees North, 146 degrees West on the far side of the Moon.  Nearest named feature is Joule K.

Detail from 16 x 20 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 52.  Tick marks are tenths of a degree.

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Model of Gassendi Crater   6 comments


24cm model of region around 111km Gassendi crater.  Model cut from 5/4 maple lumber.  Scale roughly 1:750,000.

Quickmap ( view of Gassendi brightened up a bit.

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