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The December, 2011 issue of Sky and Telescope has an article by Charles A. Wood titled “Giant Lunar Shield Volcanoes?”  In it he describes the work of Paul Spudis, Patrick McGovern, and Walter Kiefer in “describing seven possible large shields.”  In the Post Aepinus, where I found camera artifacts that look like spires, I used the technique of Auto Levels in Photoshop to enhance contrast, which translate into exaggerated height differences in a grayscale tiff where brighter is higher elevation.  The following are the seven shield regions, actual grayscale height data and popped data.  Data from ldem_128.jp2 produced by the LOLA Science Team.

Click on an image for 128 pixel-per-degree scale.  Cauchy is reduced to 32 pixel-per-degree scale.


Cauchy popped.


Prinz-Harbinger popped.


Hortensius popped.


Marius popped.


Aristarchus popped.


Rumker popped.


Posted October 29, 2011 by finkh

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