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Jupiter was at opposition July 9, where the Earth is between Jupiter
and the Sun.  That is when it rises at dusk, crosses the meridian at
midnight, and sets at dawn.  It’s also when it’s closest to the Earth,
and the brightest.  It’s been in the south around midnight all summer,
tonight about two hours ahead, so due south at ten pm.  After a very
good day in the shop and near ideal conditions around midnight
according to the clear sky clock,I dusted off the equipment and tried
a bunch of new stuff, all of which worked.  A battery pack with 12
volt outlet and 110 volt outlet was charged and ready.  The 12 volt
cable for the telescope.  The laptop.  A wide-field adapter for the
telescope for visual use, which turns the f/15 into an f/10.

It took about a half hour to get the equipment to the roof, set it up
and align the telescope.  By that time I had about a half-hour left
for Jupiter imaging.

The battery pack powered the telescope and the laptop for an hour
using 1 to 2 amps.  It’s a 17 amp-hour battery, so I could have run it
all night.

I was able to capture four exposures before Jupiter slipped behind a building.

The only problem with the wide field adapter, is that it is designed
to mount on the rear of the scope, and in alt-azimuth mode, hits the
base at anything over 45 degrees above the horizon.  I would need to
polar align the telescope to reach the zenith with this device.

This particular exposure was using the logitech fusion camera at 480 x
360, ir filter, 1/15 sec with 15 frames a second.  700 frames
captured, 470 used.  The last one of the night.


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