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Struve Crater and Eddington Crater   Leave a comment


What looks like a mountain range is simply the border between two walled plains: 164km Struve on the left and 120km Eddington on the right. (The curved thin white lines are an artifact from the screen capture.)



16 x 20 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 37.

struve crater

A slight change of angle.

Wide view of LAC 37.


View of Struve Crater.


Closer look at Struve L and rilles.

Briggs A on the border of Russell Crater.


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Far side craters: Leucippus Q   Leave a comment

89km Leucippus Q with the rim and a bit of floor of 57km Leucippus to the north.

Section of Lunar Astronautical Chart 53; Leucippus Q The crossing 26 degrees North and 120 degrees West is left of center.

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Far side craters LAC 052   1 comment

10 – 15km craters at 26 degrees North, 146 degrees West on the far side of the Moon.  Nearest named feature is Joule K.

Detail from 16 x 20 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 52.  Tick marks are tenths of a degree.

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Model of Gassendi Crater   6 comments


24cm model of region around 111km Gassendi crater.  Model cut from 5/4 maple lumber.  Scale roughly 1:750,000.

Quickmap ( view of Gassendi brightened up a bit.

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Encke Crater   Leave a comment


28km Encke crater with 32km Kepler crater in the distance.  Imaged from SLDEM available from Map A Planet 2.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.08.59 PM

Section of LAC 057.




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Jackson Crater, farside   Leave a comment


71km Jackson Crater located at 22 degrees North and 163 degrees West.  Imaged from SLDEM available at Map A Planet 2.


Section of LAC 051 from Planetary Names.

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Clavius, Scheiner, Blancanus, Rutherfurd, Porter   Leave a comment


22cm x 28cm model of Clavius Crater and its neighbors Scheiner, Blancanus, Rutherfurd and Porter.  Imaged from ldem_128.jp2 found at and cut in Maple with a CNC.   Shape results from selecting sector of sphere:  12 degrees latitude and 28 degrees longitude.


View with higher sun angle.

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