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March 30 Jupiter and Saturn   Leave a comment

Clear Sky Clock showed conditions ideal, best in the last four months.

these are the best, doubled in size from f/30.



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Jupiter and Galilean Satellites   Leave a comment

Last April, trying to figure out how to take pictures, I took this one.  Defaults were 1/60 sec exposure.

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Orion Nebula   Leave a comment

The Toucam Pro webcam has a sensitivity of about 1 lux, which isn’t enough for deep sky imaging. Nevertheless, I gave it a try last October 30. Here are 500 frames stacked and drizzled. The color has been removed. Lots of stars show up, although none appear in the individual frames outside of the four stars of the Trapezium.

Here’s a better picture in grayscale:  You can see the two bright stars in the lower right in both images.

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