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Copernicus and Kepler   Leave a comment


First image captured with windows 7 on macbook pro.  Toucam pro webcam 640 x 480, etx-125 f/15 telescope prime focus no filters.  Captured and stacked in windows, post-processed and posted in os x.

My autostar cable had a pin snap off, so it wouldn’t snap in place.  Eventually, commands to the autostar went unanswered, and the telescope just drifted.  An eight pin ethernet cable did not work, although it fit.


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Jupiter, etc.   Leave a comment

Midnight, hauled 10″ dob to roof.  Jupiter very bright, so was the moon, so I set up in the shadow of the Elevator Shed.  83 power brought out the disk and bands on Jupiter.  166 power and I could see some texture in the bands.  Some minor flaring at 166 power, so I tried 332.  Major flaring around Jupiter: it just would not quite focus, but I deluded myself I could see some detail.  So finally, I tried the 2x barlow and the 4x barlow with the 15mm eyepiece for 664 power.  Jupiter was really really big, if you didn’t mind the chromosphere.  Settled back to 166, and just could not see too much.  Swung the scope to the zenith, and had around fifty stars in each field (around one degree)  at 83 power.  Epsilon Lyrae, the double double I could split once, but not twice.  (I’ve done it with f/15 maksutov)  f/5 newtonian might be able to do it, but not from a roof in Manhattan.

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High Line Saturday Night, August 1, 2009   Leave a comment

Joined Joe Delfausse and Richard Rosenberg of Amateur Astronomers Association for outreach on the High Line, a new park in New York City built on an elevated railroad.  I brought a Bushnell Voyager with a ball mount, and the combination of bench, bucket and ball was just right for most viewers.  About 40 or 50 people looked through my telescope at the moon, 84% illuminated, and equal numbers and more through the three other telescopes set up.   A very pleasant night for all concerned.

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