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Tycho and Schiller   1 comment

The long crater to the left is Schiller.  From the Virtual Moon Atlas:

Very lengthened and South-East North-West oriented formation.
Seems to come from the fusion of 2 craters or from a low-angled
meteorite impact.
Pretty steep slopes supporting Bayer to the East and Schiller H to
the North-East.
High walls with terraces to the South.
Very flat floor to the South-East and tormented to the North-West.
Mountain to the North-West. Craterlets.

At the right is Tycho.   This was composed from the last 150 frames of a 727 frame exposure.  The first five hundred were completely unusable, unrecognizable actually, from the wind shaking the telescope.  It finally settled down the last twenty seconds.  November 12, 9:42pm eastern time.


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Copernicus November 12, 2005   Leave a comment

This started as a twenty-five second exposure, ten frames per second at 1/500 sec. drift scan.

Two hundred thirty-six frames, aligned and stacked in registax at 50% quality. I wanted as many frames as possible, and the quality was good overall. After stacking and expanding the image and processing with wavelets, I opened the saved image in Photoshop. Here I ran a Gaussian Blur to remove the blockiness introduced by high values of wavelets. Then two iterations of unsharp masking sharpened the image and preserved the details. I cropped the result to just display Copernicus. This holds up even enlarged 500%, and you can see the three central peaks in the crater. Right-click and select view image for the full size.

The close-up of Copernicus has been enlarged 400% and unsharp masked four times to bring out the crater walls and peaks.

Here’s a view from the Lunar Orbiter:

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Tycho   1 comment

f/9 270 frames

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Mare Crisium two days past full   Leave a comment

f/15 150 frames


Another Crisium, also around two days past full. The one above was probably shot a few hours later.

f/9, a few hundred frames, all good.

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Valentines Night   Leave a comment

Three passes drift scanning the moon. North has seven pieces, south has three. Couldn’t quite match them up.

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Two days past full   Leave a comment

Tripod in the snow, f/5 drift scan 1043 frames.

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Some views of Copernicus   Leave a comment

Morning on Copernicus.

Closeup during third quarter.

Panorama of Copernicus region.

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