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Thanks for visiting.  I have been interested in astronomy since reading The Golden Book of the Stars and Planets in 1958, but have only taken up telescopes and astrophotography since they were computerized.

My photography setup is a Meade ETX-125, a five inch matsukov f/15.  The camera is a logitech fusion, with an eyepiece barrel cemented in place.  K3CCD tools is used for acquisition, and registax and photoshop for stacking and sharpening.  Originally, I  used a Toucam webcam, but started using the logitech in the summer of 2006.

All of the pictures posted here were taken from the roof of a Manhattan apartment building located at 40.8 North and 74 West (close enough).  (The latest pictures are from another rooftop.)


As of 2009 my camera is a firewire Point Grey Scorpion, 1392 x 1040 12-bit monochrome.  The software is Astro IIDC running on a MacBook Pro.  I still stack in Registax on a pc after converting to avi.

Since the release of data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) data, I have been using the data to produce 3D models of the lunar surface.   In between the 3D models are 3D images of interesting areas of the moon.


Posted February 6, 2006 by finkh

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  1. Can you recommend a good tutorial on stacking? I have RegiStax installed but am not getting very far with the manual and every time I click anything in the program it crashes so can’t even fumble my way through.

  2. Hi Howard

    thanks for sharing your work. It is all amazing and very exciting! Congratulations.
    I’m an architecture student and am currently working on the design of a lunar outpost on the Shackleton crater – as you probably know it seems to be the most attractive point for colonisation. I saw the model in the Selfridges window and it looks brilliant.
    That kind of 3d digital terrain model would be absolutely perfect for my thesis and I was wondering if you cold help me out getting one. It would be really appreciated.

    Thanks for your help and keep it up – absolutely love it


  3. I have shared the file used for the Selfridge window model. Let me know how it works out.

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