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Copernicus and Eratosthenes   Leave a comment

This was copied from LDEM 128, a 128 pixel-per-degree 16-bit grayscale file in cylindrical projection of the whole Moon.  560 meg stored as a jpeg2000 file, it expands to 2.12 Gb saved as a TIFF.  The grayscale height values were converted to a relief plot with Mathematica.   There are still some artifacts:  strips of lower resolution in the file.  I reduced the image by 50 percent, so it is 64 pixels per degree, or 473 meters per pixel at the equator.  This has nearly eliminated the artifacts.  Click for the full-size image.

The view from meshlab.  The artifacts are still there, but subdued.  Corrected in proportion.

A little ground truth.  Image captured January, 2010 from a rooftop in Manhattan.


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Hermite Crater   Leave a comment

A relief plot of Hermite Crater, near the North Pole of the Moon.  Gray tone shading by height.  The floor of the crater has many domes.  At the lower left there is a short rille.  At the lower right is a low ridge that has about the same width as the rille but is longer.  Could these be lava tubes in collapsed and uncollapsed states?  Click for full size, 3k x 3k.  Original from 20 meter per pixel data.  The full size image is about 40 meter per pixel.

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85 North   1 comment

Lunar relief model, 85 Degrees North at the center of the edges. North Pole at the center. Scale 1200meters/millimeter, 250 millimeters across. Height is x2.

An oblique view.

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85 South   4 comments

The moon is a harsh mistress, but not this harsh.  Somehow this ended up 4x instead of x in the Z direction.  The scale is still correct in the x-y direction, 1200meters/millimeter, but the mountains are four times as high, and the craters four times as deep.

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