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South Pole   Leave a comment

Shackleton is the smooth-walled crater just off center.  The South Pole is on its rim, about 10 o’clock.  210 km rectangle, 300 meter per pixel data.

From LDEM_80S_20M_600DPI.jpg produced by the LRO LOLA Science Team.  The curved line is 85 degrees South.


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Promontorium Laplace   Leave a comment


From Antonin Rukl’s Atlas of the Moon.


60 x 60 km rectangle, 100 meter per pixel data, 2011.  Actually, most of the data is interpolated from lower resolutions.



Imaged from SLDEM at Map-A-Planet-2 in 2017.  59 meter per pixel downsampled to 177 meters per pixel.

Imaged using all the data available.

Looking south.

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Slipher and Slipher S   Leave a comment

From 17 and 18 of the 1:1,000,000 series of Lunar maps is Slipher.  The center of the crater is about 50 degrees North latitude and 160 degrees longitude.   200 meter data, about 120 km square.

From LDEM_45N_100M_600DPI.JPG, the thumbnail prepared by the LRO LOLA Science Team.  I have doubled it in size and rotated the image to match what you would see from overhead with your head pointed north.

600 x 600 16-bit grayscale png file.  200 meter data.  Height of pixel is 16-bit value divided by 2.

Click to play video.  It will take you to the movie page.  You will need to click the back button to return.

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Sinus Iridum   Leave a comment

Sinus Iridum, 410 km x 350 km rectangle.  1 km data.

Crop from LDEM_45N_100M_600DPI.JPG prepared by LRO LOLA Science Team as thumbnail for data file.   Heavy line 45 degrees North latitude, tick at 330 degrees longitude

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Ghost   Leave a comment

This is the 16-bit grayscale copied from the ldem_875_5m.jp2 file.

The same image with the histogram stretched using Auto Levels in Photoshop.  The artifact stops abruptly at the scan borders.  In the attempt to stitch together the scans, wrinkles appear.

Feature in data viewed from different angles.  A natural corner reflector will sometimes overwhelm the detector.

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Aepinus   1 comment

Aepinus, located near the North Pole of the Moon.  33 km  x 29 km rectangle, 100 meter data derived from 5 meter original.  There is an interesting artifact in the image:  it looks a bit like Kandor, capital of Krypton.  The reduced sampling gives it a spiky appearance.

Cropped from LDEM_875N_5M_600DPI.JPG.  The heavy line is 87.5 degrees latitude N, the tick is 250 degrees longitude.  Apparently there is a singular mountain off the crater’s rim.

Kandor.  293 pixels wide in 5 meter data.  1.47 km.

Turns out there are a few more in the general area.  The following are all from 10 meter data.

660 x 930 meters.

740 x 740 meters.

870 x 880 meters

Here are some from the South Pole.  5 meter data,  300 to 500 meter selections.  Sometimes a natural corner reflector will overwhelm the detector.

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Hermite A   4 comments

A 25 km rectangle around Hermite A, near the North Pole of the Moon, derived from 100-meter data from the Planetary Data System.

From the LRO LOLA Science Team, a crop from the LDEM_875N_5M_600DPI.JPG used as a thumbnail for the data DEM, colored by height.  The heavy line is 87.5 degrees latitude.  The tick is 50 degrees longitude.

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