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Clavius, refined   Leave a comment


Ran the AVI through virtual dub and converted to greyscale. In Registax, processed in Black and White, which speeded it up quite a bit. The average pixel error was 6, with a maximum of 8, when the air is steady, those numbers are 2 and 5. Tried drizzling at 50% x3. A gaussian blur to take away the drizzle blocks, then lots of sharpening. Tightened up the levels in Photoshop. It’s contrasty, but the smallest craters visible on the floor of Clavius are less than 4 miles across.


Here’s Clavius and company October 9/10.  Shot at f/9.


Clavius same night shot at f/15.  Conditions were not up to this magnification.


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The Blue and the Grey   Leave a comment


Ideal conditions.  This was the last exposure I took August 14.  A real hula moon; Copernicus moved from left to right about two diameters.  The blue is the actual color captured, the grey is the usual grayscale mode after removing the color information.  I ran registax twice to align on Copernicus and Kepler separately, then combined them in photoshop.

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Under ideal conditions   Leave a comment


The clear sky clock showed ideal conditions last night: dark blue for cloud cover, seeing, transparency, and wind.

I took eighteen exposures using a logitech fusion webcam, f/5, f/9, and f/15, from 1280 x 960 thru 864 x 480. Although the view on the laptop was like looking at the sky from the bottom of a swimming pool, my registax/photoshop techniques are improving.



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Copernicus, revisited   Leave a comment


From January 9, 2006

Starizona has a nice tutorial on Registax, and also take a look at,306,0,0,1,0

Followed the advice on both websites and redid an old image with noticable improvements.

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Mare Humorum   Leave a comment

From January: it is too hot out right now, and the moon is so low it gets eclipsed by the apartment buildings on 106th St.

The interesting thing about this picture is how bad conditions were in the exposure. Maybe thirty of 500 frames were in focus. I set Registax for 60 percent quality and got about a hundred frames. The big win was to create a reference frame from 10 frames, and set the search area in optimise to 8 pixels. This large a search area slowed the program to a third of its speed when set to the default of 2 pixels.


Click twice to get to original size.

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Venus in Transit June 8, 2004   Leave a comment


Venus in Transit across the face of the Sun. I set up a pair of 15×70 Barska binoculars on a tripod, with the morning sun coming through a north-facing window. A shade covered one of the lenses, and the sun was projected on a white wall (not parallel, hence the oval sun). I shot the sun with a digital camera. This setup was good for about ten minutes, and then the binoculars started to smoke. Scratch one pair big binoculars. It was worth it for a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity (2012, then a hundred year gap). They weren’t collimated anyway. for the 2012 transit.

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