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Mare Nectaris Morning and Evening   Leave a comment


Feb 3 and July 14


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Hercules and Atlas   Leave a comment


Hercules and Atlas (Hercules is on the left) First Quarter (February 3, 2006 9:44pm) and Third Quarter (July 14, 2006. just past midnight).

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Deslandres   Leave a comment


Deslandres is the large walled plain in the upper part of the image.  The only fancy processing was to expand image in registax, as the telescope drifted a bit (to make a much better picture, actually.)

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Eratosthenes, Appenines, Mare Vaporum, Archimedes, Apollo 15 Landing Site   Leave a comment

At the right of the Appenines mountain range there is a black shadow that looks like an open parenthesis that fell over.

That’s the Hadley Delta where Apollo 15 landed and first used a lunar rover.


This is an exposure of 340 frames drizzled .80 x 3, and after processing in photoshop, the dimensions were reduced by half.  Jpeg quality is 100%.  Usually I post at 50%.

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Super-resolution from a webcam   Leave a comment

I tried extreme drizzling:  pixel size 50 percent, image size x3.  Here is an image of the moon from Nectaris south.


The edge of the image gets noisy where there is not as much contribution from the frames, so I cut that off.  The result from registax is extremely blocky; gaussian blur and unsharp mask work there, much like removing the moire from a scanned halftone.

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Tranquility East, Apollo 11 Landing Site   Leave a comment


Under the front left footpad of the Lunar Excursion Module is the Apollo 11 Base.

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Tycho minus Tycho   Leave a comment

Southern Highlands with Tychonic Rays July 14 am.



Drizzled 50% x 3, then reduced in Photoshop to 960×720, and cropped to lose the noise around the edges.

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