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Planck B Crater, Planck Z Crater   1 comment

67km Planck Z and 45km Planck B imaged using ldem_128.jp2 found at  Close-up of LAC 131 on the far side of the Moon.


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LAC 143: Hausen Crater, Doerfel Crater, Boltzmann Crater   Leave a comment


45 degree by 16 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 143.  Images derived from ldem_128.jp2 at


72km Boltzmann Crater on the right, 41km Zeeman G on the left.  The ridge down the middle informally divides the near side (Boltzmann) from the far side (Zeeman G).


163km Hausen Crater at the upper right, with 69km Doerfel Crater on the left.  Hausen on the near side, with Doerfel on the far side.  The foreground crater is unnamed.

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LAC 044: Mare Crisium, Eimmart Crater, Cleomedes Crater   Leave a comment

16 x 20 degree Lunar Astronautical Chart 044 with the northern half of Mare Crisium.

131km Cleomedes Crater.

45km Eimmart Crater at the upper right, with 23km Eimmart C Crater at the lower left.  Mare Anguis is to the right of Eimmart.

Eimmart C on the rim of an unnamed ghost crater.

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