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Due south of Mare Nectaris are the southern highlands.  Here is the crater Janssen 115 miles across with its rille, Rima Janssen, 2 miles wide and 85 miles long leading to the crater Fabricius.  I used one alignment point of 256 pixels in Registax 5.  This particular exposure of 437 frames would not hold registration during alignment with multiple alignment points.  Sometimes it ended up Frankensteinian, with bright seams on all the alignment regions.  Once aligned, I went back and used Drizzle to tease out some more detail, then enlarged the image 200% in Photoshop.  Image captured April 19, 2010.

Lunar Orbiter photo of the same region.


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Rooftop Star Party April 19, 2010   Leave a comment

Jason Kendall of  Amateur Astronomers Association and in the center of things.

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Endymion, Hercules, Atlas, Posidonius, Lacus Temporis, Lacus Somniorum   Leave a comment

The first exposure of the night on April 19.  Initially it looked too dark, but stretching the histogram made a big difference.  From the top, Endymion, then the pair Hercules and Atlas, with Lacus Temporis to the right.  Below the pair of craters is Lacus Somniorum stretching across most of the frame, with Posidonius the larger crater below.  Clicks to enlarge

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Monday, April 19, 2010 there was a Discovery Channel star party on the roof of an 18-story building at Fifth Avenue and 18th Street.  More than a dozen amateur astronomers brought their telescopes and set up facing the buildings of midtown and Times Square.  The conditions were spectacular.  I brought my  ETX-125 and macbook pro, and setup an astrophotography station to image the Moon and Saturn.  It was breezy,  but I did manage Saturn at f/30, very, very, soft.  The above is a detail from a larger exposure (1392 x 1040 16-bit) at prime focus, f/15.  Click a couple of times on the image to open full size.  Note the two ghost craters on Mare Nectaris plain.   The multi-peaked crater Theophilus is displaying it’s fourth peak.  Here is a closeup after reprocessing the stack:

This was the scene behind me:  yes, that’s the Empire State Building just up the street.

the view.

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Sidewalk Astronomy on the High Line   Leave a comment

photo by Kiersten

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 was the start of the new season of High Line Astronomy by the Amateur Astronomers Association,  This is the bucketscope, a 114mm f/4.4 newtonian on a ball mount  The mount makes eyepiece height adjustable.  The base and scope fit in the bucket, which is a press fit on the ladder step.  The ladder folds, and the bucket has a handle so the whole thing fits through a subway turnstile or on the seat of a bus.

Aldebaran the bright star on the right, Betelgeuse on the left.   The astronomer is observing the Pleiades, found a few degrees above Venus, which had just set.  This was a particularly fine night, with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn all visible.  Mars is a degree or two away from the Beehive cluster nearly overhead.

You can find more pictures here; clicking the one above will enlarge it.  Use the back button in your browser to return.

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