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Giant Planisphere   Leave a comment

Firefly Planisphere Deluxe by Storm Dunlop and Wil Tirion at 15″ in diameter had print too small to read without magnification.  Here is a 36″ version.  The star chart is to sixth magnitude from the back of the original.

[CITATION] Giant Planisphere in Color

PK Hoover – Sky and Telescope, 1962 –
Title: A Giant Planisphere in Color. Authors: Hoover, Paul K. Publication: Sky and
Telescope, volume 23, page 203. Publication Date: 04/1962. Origin: S&T
Hoover’s Planisphere was 24″ but he made it from scratch.

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30 inch model of North Pole of the Moon   2 comments

85 degrees North.  6000 x 6000 model of 100 meter data produced by the LOLA Science Team.  6 10 inch by 15 inch tiles produced on a rapid prototyper and assembled.  16-ounce carpenter’s hammer for scale.  The model is now in the hands of the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

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