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Crisium overhead   Leave a comment

An article in the January, 2005 Sky and Telescope describes a technique to use Photoshop to project 2D images of the moon onto a 3D sphere and then rotate the sphere to simulate looking down from overhead.

As usual in the world of computing, the 3D Transform filter is not installed by default in Photoshop CS3, but there is a zipped copy available online. Here is my first try; Crisium from overhead, and the original copied from a five day old moon image.


As you can see, Crisium is actually wider than it is tall.


This is taken from a 1:10,000,000 Lunar Chart published by NASA. (Enlarged 300% from original 150dpi)


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Waited a bit too long for perfect conditions   Leave a comment

Went out on the roof at 11:30 last night; perfectly clear with just a hint of clouds in the south.  Mars was bright orange, you could see the color differences of the stars–Aldebaran and Betelgeuse about the same color as Mars, Sirius and Rigel blue-white.  The sword of Orion was naked eye visible.  Had the telescope set up and aligned by quarter to 12.  It looks like my first exposure was the best.  After three or four exposures, the clouds were beginning to advance, and during the last exposure at 12:30, Mars would disappear from the screen.  I looked up, and clouds covered the sky.

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Mars December 8, 2007   Leave a comment

Mars is the brightest star in the night sky these days.


This was taken at f/15 with an ETX-125 telescope and a logitech fusion webcam and IR filter set to 960 x 720.  The image was taken from registax and enlarged 500%.  I tried to go to f/30 with a barlow, but couldn’t get to a sharp focus or find the planet in the capture window.  Conditions were ideal from eight to nine pm with clear skies and no wind.  I took a half-dozen more with the philips spc900nc webcam, but they were underexposed.

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