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Shackleton Crater, Illuminated   Leave a comment


Shackleton Crater with the sun 30 degrees above the horizon, illuminating the floor of the crater.  From LDEM_875S_10M.JP2 produced by the LOLA science team; reduced to 100 meters per pixel.



10 km square view of floor of Shackleton Crater at 10 meter resolution.  Spires are sensor artifacts when a mirror-like surface overwhelms the sensor.  Glare ice?  Sunlike illumination is at 20 degrees elevation.


6km square image of Shackleton Crater floor at 5 meter resolution.   Sunlike illumination at 15 degrees above horizon.  Opposite field of view from above.  I still like the top of the mound as a landing site and base.


Camera down in the crater.


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