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Manhattan before Dawn   Leave a comment

Was on the roof at 5:30 this morning.  The moon was in crescent with Jupiter five degrees away, both rising in the east.  The summer triangle was high in the sky.  Midtown was dark, and the darkness was good for a near magnitude increase.  All the big dipper was in view overhead, and the little dipper stars in averted vision.  Polaris and Kolchab, 2nd magnitude, and Pherkad, 3rd magnitude were direct view, with the fourth and fifth magnitude eta and epsilon maybes.


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Saturn   1 comment


Saturn from my rooftop about 10pm March 17, 2009.

Prime focus f/15. 480×360 logitech fusion webcam. Saturn is a pretty small target these days, and just a quarter turn on the focusing knob makes it invisible in the capture window of K3CCD tools. I just could not find it with a 2x barlow. It is somewhat overexposed, but the rings are as thin as I’ve ever seen them.


Here is a zoomed version of the above with the actual pixels captured.

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