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Langrenus to Valles Rheita   Leave a comment


2488 frames, stacked best 40%.  The avi needed to be split in two, each part stacked, then assembled in autostitch.  I converted to greyscale and split the avi using virtualdub. for the best mosaic software available for free.   Be sure to click on the image to get the full size.

f/15 exposure (prime focus).  This works out to a magnification of about 100x, and a scale of 1:4,000,000.


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Lacus Bonitatis   Leave a comment


April 21 was very, very calm. I tried a couple of exposures at f/30, here is Lacus Bonitatis and Macrobius at the bottom. The crater at the neck of the 8 is eighteen kilometers in diameter, or about 500 meters per pixel.

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Mare Smythii and Langrenus   Leave a comment


ETX 125 with a toucam pro at prime focus, f/15. 576 frames, stacked 402, five alignment points in photoshop, very little sharpening. Left the color as it came from the webcam with an IR filter. Most favorable libration to see the mare.
40.8 N 74 W Resolution is 1 km per pixel.

April 21 was the finest night for taking pictures of the moon in two years.

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Vallis Capella   Leave a comment


The vertical line at the bottom of the image is Vallis Capella, composed of an alignment of craters.

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