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Rukl 20   Leave a comment

Here is a snapshot of Rukl 20 with the Sun 5 degrees above the horizon at the center.  The lunar surface is derived from ldem_64.jp2 produced by the LOLA science team.  The surface should be tilted about 15 degrees away from the view but it is not.  15 degrees x 15 degrees:  15 to 30 N, 15 to 30 W.  Lambert is the large solitary crater at the upper right.

Quoting from the Wikipedia entry for Lambert Crater:  “Just to the south of Lambert’s ramparts is the lava-covered rim of a crater that is almost completely covered by the mare. The diameter of this ghost crater is slightly larger than Lambert, but it is difficult to spot except when the Sun is at a very low angle. The feature is designated Lambert R.”

This image is from the Moon Wiki, the Rukl-based Index to the-Moon Wiki created by Jim Mosher.

It’s an idea to recreate the atlas in 3D and animate the lighting.

I believe the lighting artifacts are due to a one percent specularity of the surface in the animation.


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Stargazing at the Overlook   Leave a comment

Jason brought his 15 inch obsession, John his Galileoscope.  I brought the bucketscope (114mm f4.4 rich field newtonian on a ball mount:  fits in a bucket; the bucket becomes a pier for the bowl base) Rob brought his person and Leo his daughter.  It is a good kilometer through the dark woods to get to the top  overlooking the Hudson in Inwood Hill Park.

Venus in crescent; just two weeks before transit about magnitude -4.  It looked like an eclipse about to take place.  Mars showed some detail.  Saturn at 500 power looked like a prop from a low-budget sci-fi indy flick.  When it flickered into focus, Cassini division, shadow of the rings, and some banding was visible.  No color.

M13 at 500 power was 3D:  definitely stars and not a blur at all.  M81 and M82 new objects for me:  at 200 power they just fit in the same field.  Being conveniently close to the pole, they don’t move much.  M44, the Beehive; its location is now fixed in my memory.

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Gioja Crater   Leave a comment

A meshlab image of Gioja Crater, south of Byrd Crater near the North Pole of the Moon, 83.3 degrees north, 2 degrees east, 41km diameter.  Derived from 100 meter resolution data produced by the LOLA science team. I ran a new calculation of the poles at 100 meter resolution.  A 10 degree by 10 degree area at 100 meter resolution was divided into six tiles (this is a closeup of one of them), each 2000 x 3000 pixels.  The reduced resolution strips start to pop when compared to an overhead view of the region.

WAC camera overhead view.

An iphone photo of a 10″ x 15″ 3D model of the north pole, from the data that generated the image at the top of the post The long dimension is foreshortened here; the tile is ten inches wide.

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