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Mare Orientale moving terminator   Leave a comment

A portion of the Moon with Mare Orientale uppermost derived from the file ldem_32.jp2 produced by the LRO LOLA science team.  Imported into Blender 3D and animating the Sun.  4 seconds.


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Isaev Crater   Leave a comment

Isaev Crater wholly within Gagarin on the far side of the Moon.  From ldem_128.jp2 produced by the LRO LOLA Science Team.  Probably another year of data is needed before all the strips are at equal resolution of 128 pixels per degree.  Isaev is seen from the south with a low sun angle.  I softened the seams by doubling the resolution in Photoshop, a Gaussian Blur, adding 5% noise, then reducing with a Bicubic Sharper a couple of times to the current resolution, one-quarter HD.

An overhead view from the LRO Wide Area Camera.

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Saturn December 12, 2011   Leave a comment

5:35am 12/12/11  Saturn is still low in the Southeast near Spica.  12 of 2400 frames.  With the planet so low, it never came into focus.

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Eratosthenes Crater   Leave a comment

December 4, 2011 about 9pm EST.  F/15 prime focus, cropped from Point Grey Scorpion 1040 x 1392 CCD camera image.  Astro IIDC software for capture and stacking.  Nice view of Stadius, a ghost crater in the lower left corner.

My 200th posting on AstroPhoto.

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