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Janssen in Detail   Leave a comment


In the January 2007 issue of Sky and Telescope is an article on Planetary Imaging. One of the suggestions was to save as 16 bit tiffs and enlarge 150 percent, which produces smoother results.

I copied a detail from the LAC catalog map Rheita and rotated it 30 degrees to match the image.


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Saturn, Registax 3 vs Registax 4   Leave a comment


On the left is R3, on the right is R4, perhaps with wavelets set too high.

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Bullialdus and Mare Humorum   Leave a comment


Bullialdus with those clavius-like crater companions  (A, B, Konig, and Agatharchides A) pointing to Mare Humorum.  Part of Gassendi crater can be seen to the extreme left of Bullialdus.  The glancing illumination of the floor of Mare Humorum brings out the wrinkle ridges distinctly.

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Registax 4 vs Registax 3   Leave a comment


Here’s a picture of Longiomontatus, Tycho, and Pitatus region of the moon taken January 9, 2006 around 11pm EST. The left side was processed in Registax 4 with five alignment points. The right side was processed using Registax 3 using a single alignment point. The right side was lightened up to match the left side, and reduced in size as well.  Both images were run to Expand to maximum imagesize.  Registax 4 produced more noise around the edges,  from the multiplicity of alignments.  This was cropped away in Photoshop.  There was less noise in Registax 3, so it only needed to be reduced, which sharpens up the image as well.

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