Finsen Crater   Leave a comment

finsen73km Finsen Crater on the Moon’s far side, on the border of 237km Leibnitz Crater.  25km Finsen C in the distance, and 29km Finsen G to the right.  Section of LAC 120. Image derived from SLDEM dataset available at Map A Planet 2.


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Jules Verne Crater   Leave a comment

145km Jules Verne Crater.  See LAC118

Straight lines on the eastern side of the crater demand a closer look:

Three straight walls.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 12.39.22 PM


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Van Der Waals Crater   Leave a comment

34km Pogson F, 43km Van der Waals W, with a portion of 113km Van der Waals Crater in the foreground.  Central portion of Lunar Astronautical Chart 117.

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Montes Cordillera   Leave a comment

Half of Montes Cordillera on far side; about 300 km visible.  22km Focas at the top, with 16km Heyrovsky and 27km Drude below.  The image is approximately 1/4 of Lunar Astronautical Chart 123. The mark on the wall of Heyrovsky appears to be an artifact of the LOLA/Kayguya merge that produced the SLDEM 2015 dataset which was used to assemble this image.

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LAC 12   Leave a comment


1:1,000,000 scale model of lunar surface mapped by Lunar Astronautical Chart 12.   Model is made from basswood lumber, measuring 48cm tall by 59cm at the widest part. 4cm height, or 40km of elevation difference, due to 30 degrees of curvature. Topography generated from ldem_128.jp2 available at the Planetary Data Service.


Lit with small flashlight in darkened room.  Basswood too fuzzy for sharp detail.

IMG_1790Sanded to 400 grit with sanding mop after 2nd application of glue size and stained with reactive pining stain (still drying).

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Messier A and Messier   Leave a comment

The changing appearance of Messier A and Messier (9km x 11km) in the eyepiece over the course of a lunar day produced a controversy that was not settled until the Lunar Orbiter and Apollo missions.  Here is a snapshot from Meshlab (with some extra contrast added in Photoshop) of the two craters modeled from the SLDEM dataset available at Map A Planet 2.

Messier A and Messier carved from Maple at 1:100,000 scale, fresh off the CNC and still fuzzy.  Sunlit for sharp shadows.


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LAC 108   Leave a comment

Lunar Astronautical Chart 108 imaged from SLDEM dataset.  5 million faces for 16 x 20 degree sector of the far side of the Moon.  A section of Mare Orientale at the upper right, Montes Rook at the bottom right.

Close-up of above; Golitsyn crater at the top, with Golitsyn J in the foreground.  Lots of unnamed features on the far side.

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