Haldane Crater   1 comment


40km Haldane Crater imaged from SLDEM dataset at Map-A-Planet-2.  Snapshot in meshlab enhanced in photoshop to bring out the rilles both in the interior and concentric to the crater.


Overhead view from quickmap.


Section of LAC 81 from planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/Page/Moon1to1MAtlas.


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  1. Super, Howard…surely a crater (or, duo of craters – a younger one within another) having undergone volcanic developments – judging from its (their) subsequent hexagonal features (bet, Runge and Warner bare testament to such environments, too).
    PS; I/we like/appreciate also that you are posting more on other sites (eg, CN etc.,) – opening up inquiring minds and eyes (judging from comments etc.,) as to how they will view/possibly work with [lunar] digital data in the future. You and I know well the resources, but as you see other don’t. Another problem, I surmise (in the short term), is how the next generation will research and use the data required .

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