Lunar Surface Model South Pole 2x   2 comments

An article in June, 1946 Mechanix Illustrated on Contour Mapping described in a caption how 3D models were painted to enhance relief. I’ve applied their techniques, but with spray cans, not an airbrush.








Looking Northlooking-South

Looking South


Looking Westlooking-West

Looking East


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2 responses to “Lunar Surface Model South Pole 2x

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  1. Very nice, Howard…the spraying worked a treat (the last image looks a bit too reflective – a glossy spray, as opposed to a matte spray used?).

  2. Satin paint was all that was in the shop at the time. It was also shot in direct sunlight, which exaggerated the highlights. I have purchased an airbrush and paint, and looking forward to better results; possibly photorealistic.

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