Shackleton Crater   5 comments




10 million faces of Shackleton Crater region of the Moon.  20 meter data from LDEM_875_5M.jp2 produced by the LOLA Science Team.   1800 x 3000 pixel rectangle used to generate the image.  Click for full HD size.




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5 responses to “Shackleton Crater

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  1. Hello Finkh.
    What amazing work! Both the technical expertise and final product.
    I make Contour Boxes (see which have bespoke reliefs on the box tops. I’ve had a request for The Shackleton Crater – possibly as a box or a tile cut in English Oak. Is there any chance I could purchase a copy of the data file (STL?) you made for this crater?
    Many thanks,
    Tom Aylwin

  2. Very Impressive Modelling!
    I would like to use such a model for an animation I am working on.

    Could you please give me some advice on how to use the data from LOLA as to be used for a 3D model for Autodesk Maya?

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