Stargazing at the Overlook   Leave a comment

Jason brought his 15 inch obsession, John his Galileoscope.  I brought the bucketscope (114mm f4.4 rich field newtonian on a ball mount:  fits in a bucket; the bucket becomes a pier for the bowl base) Rob brought his person and Leo his daughter.  It is a good kilometer through the dark woods to get to the top  overlooking the Hudson in Inwood Hill Park.

Venus in crescent; just two weeks before transit about magnitude -4.  It looked like an eclipse about to take place.  Mars showed some detail.  Saturn at 500 power looked like a prop from a low-budget sci-fi indy flick.  When it flickered into focus, Cassini division, shadow of the rings, and some banding was visible.  No color.

M13 at 500 power was 3D:  definitely stars and not a blur at all.  M81 and M82 new objects for me:  at 200 power they just fit in the same field.  Being conveniently close to the pole, they don’t move much.  M44, the Beehive; its location is now fixed in my memory.


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