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From May 30, 2009.  Imaging Source firewire color camera 1280×960 f/15 prime focus.  Astro IIDC software used to capture.   Stacked 2012 with Registax 6 using 1000 alignment points.  Original found here.  Again about 200 of 300 stacked.

Text from 2009:  South East sector with Mare Smythii on eastern limb.  Both images scaled 50% from originals taken with Imaging Source 1280×960 color camera.  Green channel only, captured on macintosh with AIIDC, .mov transferred to pc and converted to .avi, stacked in Registax and touched up with Photoshop.  About 200 of 300 frames stacked.  The moon was only ten degrees above an apartment building, so seeing was very bad, although the night was clear.  Still, the image with the six Marias (Nectaris, Tranquilitatis, Fecundatatis, Spumans, Undarum, and Smythii) I rate as about the best I’ve done.  Click to open full-size in a new window.


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