Clavius and Tycho   1 comment

This is a 5 megapixel image from a 1.4 megapixel camera.  The camera pixels are 2x.  Click for full-size.  You can count the terraces in Tycho, and lose count of the craters in Clavius.   Astro IIDC for image capture and image processing.

ETX-125 f/15 Maksutov telescope on Polar Mount.   Camera is Point Grey Scorpion 1.4 megapixel (4.65 micron pixels SuperHAD) purchased 2009.  Exposure  about 450 frames at 66.67ms.  Seeing was as good as it gets from a rooftop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan:  clear skies and no wind.  Temperature in high thirties.  Moon one day past first quarter close to the Meridian.   Fewer chimneys in that direction.

Processing at 95% sharpness, which produced 3 frames to stack.  34 MAP points, half-dozen on Clavius, four on Tycho, and the rest evenly distributed on high-contrast targets.  In Astro IIDC Process Image window, RAD sliders start about 2/3 over at the top, and diagonalize to one at the bottom.  Saved as Monochrome Tiff, and opened in Photoshop to save as PNG.


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