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Harpalus crater is in the “Upper-Left Quadrant of the Moon,” words immortalized in the film Destination Moon.  This is where the four crew members landed in their steam-driven atomic rocket.  Here Harpalus is in Mare Frigoris north of Sinus Iridum.

Coordinates 52.6°N 43.4°W
Diameter 39 km
Depth 2.9 km
Colongitude 44° at sunrise

Approaching Harpalus.

Zoomed in.

On final approach.  These were all imaged from ldem_64.jp2, a 64-pixel-per-degree bump map of the moon produced by the LOLA Science Team.

From NASA WAC mosaic.

From LAC 11

From Lunar Orbiter IV-158-H3  The triangle is an artifact of film developing, not an alien ship

(of course, it is gone a few days later…)


Lunar Orbiter IV at a higher sun angle.

A meshlab image of  Harpalus at 1024 pixels per degree.  Looking north.  The sawtooth appearance of the crater rim looks like an artifact of the stitching of the data strips.

On the floor of the crater 89 meters per pixel.  Looking north, positioned just south of the central crater.

512 pixel per degree (29 meters per pixel) data.  The sun is in the North (oops.)

Looking over one of the not-really-there peaks on the crater rim onto the floor of Harpalus.

On the floor of Harpalus looking toward the central mounds.

Harpalus Crater sawtooth mountains from 1950.

NASA WAC image.



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  1. From Lunar Orbiter IV-158-H3 (whats that triangular shape? doing on this picture? what is it? its not on other photos of the crator?)

    • The Lunar Orbiters used film that was developed on-board then scanned to transmit the image back to Earth. The triangle is an artifact of the developing process (or an alien ship, it was gone a few days later)

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