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114 frames aligned with Registax 6.  The software was released April 2, 2011 and is available at

430 frames aligned from the same exposure with a few changed settings.  The image shifted about 100 pixels during the exposure.  There was much more noise around the 430 frame alignment which I cropped away.  The number of alignment points was more than a hundred for this image.  When the image was finished, it was perfectly exposed:  autolevels in Photoshop did nothing.  The software takes advantage of multi-core computers and so runs much faster than Registax 5.

Aligned using Registax 5.

Registax 5 above, Registax 6 below, using the same set of bitmap frames.

Reran Registax 6 with distance between alignment points reduced from 30 to 20,  lowest quality increased from 80% to 95%, alignmentbox size increased from 30 to 40, and max alignpoint movement increased from 5 to 10.  Fiddled with wavelets until it looked sharp, then opened in photoshop to finish.  Doubled the imagesize and sharpened, then reduced to 75% and blurred, then cropped the region of interest, then reduced to 1000 pixels across, and set the levels to bring out the wrinkle ridges.  Saved for web with jpeg set to 50%.


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