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6 x 6 degree area imaged, then cropped tight on Tycho.  Data taken from ldem_128.jp2 produced by the LOLA Science team.  Stripes of data point to poles.  http://astrosurf.com/eternity/temp/tychoT1mlarge.jpg is the best amateur (1 meter telescope) image.


In late 2015 the SLDEM was released that combined images from the Selene mission with the LRO elevation data for a 512 pixel per degree dataset.  The stripes are gone.


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  1. Wondeful shots, Howard.

    Just a query on the JP2 files – are they, too, in 16-bit formt? I’m using the larger IMG files and have never used the JP2 files.

    Many thanks

  2. Howard…many thanks. I sent you a PM, too


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