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Right up front, Helicon and Le Verrier.  From Ldem_64.jp2, produced by the Science Team of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Laser Altimeter.  16 x 52 degrees, 64 pixels per degree, 3.4 megapixels.  59 minutes of computer time and 17Gb ram on a high performance computer produced a 383 meg stereo lithography (stl) file. This is a snapshot taken in Meshlab, with the color and levels trimmed in Photoshop.

An overhead view from the same file.  You may have to zoom in, but the rille along Vallis Alpes is visible.

A closer look at Vallis Alpes.

The uncompressed snapshot from Meshlab.  There are a couple of dozen craters visible on the floor of Plato.  To see them, save the image and then zoom in 4x.


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