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14″ x 14″ model of the Lunar North Pole.  608.1km square.  The view is from the farside looking back toward Earth.  Roughly a mile per millimeter.  The scale is equivalent to a lunar diameter of two meters.  The bed of the prototyper is 10″ x 14″, so this is made of two tiles 7″ x 14″ glued together.  If you try this at home with a binder-based media, be very careful gluing.  I managed to rub out all the detail along the seam for 80 degrees South, and will have to run them again.  As it happens, a 4 megapixel file crashed the kernel of Mathematica when exporting as an stl anyway, so it was a good opportunity to split the file in two and run both halves sequentially.


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2 responses to “80 degrees North

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  1. Excellent, as usual, Howard.

    It looks as if you have joined two sections together….would that be correct, as I’m seeing some kind of horizontal line midway down?

    Just another query, having made the model, I wonder are you ever tempted to spray on over it a layer of colored paint (a matte) similar to that of the color of the lunar surface? It might look more natural and, perhaps, going further, adding in the nuances of different colors associated to different features and areas…etc.,?

    Well done!

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