Hermite A   4 comments

A 25 km rectangle around Hermite A, near the North Pole of the Moon, derived from 100-meter data from the Planetary Data System.

From the LRO LOLA Science Team, a crop from the LDEM_875N_5M_600DPI.JPG used as a thumbnail for the data DEM, colored by height.  The heavy line is 87.5 degrees latitude.  The tick is 50 degrees longitude.


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4 responses to “Hermite A

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  1. Lovely, Howard…seems like that the 128Gb ram computer is working out for you, and I would imagine, something very hard to keep away from 🙂

    Obviously, the closer one goes, the problem with lineations, stripings in images etc., show up, however, this is still a great 3D presentation.

    Just wish I had availability of the greyscale dems (as .pngs, jpegs, tiffs etc.,) like you do…so frustrating. Have even tried a free 30-day trial of CS2 to reproduce a 16 bit greyscale image from the LDEM .jp2 files, however, even that isn’t working out – as is my 30 days :))

  2. I just found out png files can be posted 16-bit. If there’s any particular spot you wanted the data for, I can post some on a page.

  3. Howard

    That’s very kind of you! Developments have taken a turn for the good as I can now produce the grayscales…PHEW 🙂

    The only problem is that while they are large, when I reduce them down in size to get better resolution in 8-bit tif format, there is somewhat a ‘stepping’ look to them in parts.

    Experiementing now to see what is the best approach. I’m thinking tthough that as my current, free Photoshop Elements 2.0 package that I’ve been using for years can produce an 8-bit image (not 16-bit), I wonder will buyingg CS2 be worth the ~ $250?

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