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Aepinus, located near the North Pole of the Moon.  33 km  x 29 km rectangle, 100 meter data derived from 5 meter original.  There is an interesting artifact in the image:  it looks a bit like Kandor, capital of Krypton.  The reduced sampling gives it a spiky appearance.

Cropped from LDEM_875N_5M_600DPI.JPG.  The heavy line is 87.5 degrees latitude N, the tick is 250 degrees longitude.  Apparently there is a singular mountain off the crater’s rim.

Kandor.  293 pixels wide in 5 meter data.  1.47 km.

Turns out there are a few more in the general area.  The following are all from 10 meter data.

660 x 930 meters.

740 x 740 meters.

870 x 880 meters

Here are some from the South Pole.  5 meter data,  300 to 500 meter selections.  Sometimes a natural corner reflector will overwhelm the detector.


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