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Cabeus crater near the South Pole.  200 meter per pixel, 128 km rectangle.

An overhead view produced by the LRO LOLA Science Team, colored by height.

Cabeus crater imaged as point cloud.  This is sliced through the lowest portion of the crater.   Since points have no faces there is nothing for the light to bounce off of.  What appears is a perspective silhouette.  From 20 meter data, 3200 x 3200, 10.24 million points.  The point cloud is 443 meg.  I created an stl file from the same data:  995 meg, which would not open in meshlab.  The stl file took 2hrs, 19min to generate and used 44 Gb of ram.  The point cloud took 22 min and used 12 Gb.  At 10 meters this will have 40 million points.  Roz crater at 10 meters has 100 million, which should just be doable.


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