The Eastern Sea   1 comment

Mare Orientale cropped from a 8-pixel per degree cylindrical projection of the Moon.  282 x 282 pixel original:  flat, no wrapping to the sphere.  This is a test  of the program to generate the stereo lithography files:  the image above is the stl processed by meshlab, then toned up with Photoshop.  The top resolution currently available is 512 pixels per degree, with 16, 64, 128, and 256 intermediate resolutions.  I have been granted use of a high-performance computer with 128 Gb of ram which should allow me to produce highly-detailed models.  Stay tuned.

ldem_4.jp2 texture-mapped onto a sphere, then rotated to the Orientale Basin.


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  1. Howard

    I tried producing an image like this one time of Orientale using the global greyscale dem but the resolution just wasn’t good enough. It took ages to download the dem on my old, poor connection computer,however, after coming back about two hours later, I had the dem eventually.

    With 128 gb available, however, i hope you will have access resources to leave the greyscale versions you finally download avaialble online for us who can’t acces them?

    I recently tried downloading one or two of the large gdr ldems, only to find that the end product was in 8-bit format (even though they are 16-bit). Like a lot of people, i don’t have access to the more professional, expensive graphics softwares like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, which i think can open these files in 16-bit. I have tried several other packages like Irfanview, Gimp 2, Image J, Raw Therapee….etc., and while they all claim to be able to open a .png or tiff file in 16-bit, i just didn’t get anywhere. I think therefore putting up the greyscales you downolad or make for anyone to acces might be a good idea (i have downloaded your current ones — so thank you for putting them up).

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