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The moon is a harsh mistress, but not this harsh.  Somehow this ended up 4x instead of x in the Z direction.  The scale is still correct in the x-y direction, 1200meters/millimeter, but the mountains are four times as high, and the craters four times as deep.


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4 responses to “85 South

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  1. Excellent reproductions!

    Just a query. I’ve seen some high-rez greyscale views (DEMs???) on your other pages e.g. sinus iridium. Could you tell me if there is a link where I can avail of these high-rez as I’d like to try a test of my own?

    Many thanks

  2. pds.nasa.gov is the home page for the Planetary Data System.
    The LRO altimeter data is found here:
    http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/moon/indextools.aspx?displaypage=lolardr but click the GDR link for the large area files. The DEMs are on the second and third pages in .img and .jp2 (JPEG2000) I use Photoshop to convert .jp2 to tiff, then read the tiffs in Mathematica, create a 3D surface, and export as .stl files. These are stretched in meshlab (meshlab.sourceforge.net) and sent to the prototyper.


  3. I use Mathematica for the relief plots as well. I’ve also unprojected the data back into a sphere for the stereographic and the cylindrical projections; doing the calculations in Mathematica.

  4. Ah, that’s just great…thank you.

    I had a look and most of the files are huge, so if I download a .jp2 file (and convert afterwards in Photoshop) it will be of a high-rez greyscale nature…yes? I tried once downloading a 1.2 Gb file from the LRO data and after about three hours later I found I couldn’t do anything with the file (and thatwas with the .lbl file which I think has to be downloaded with some .img files).

    The Meshlab software also looks extremely interesting, and so will have to download that at some point too – though, I doubt I will be able to produce a 3d model at just a whim as I’m sure there are several calculations involved.

    Thank you once again…and your physical reproductions are superb.

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