Over the Pole   2 comments

Over the Pole, from the far side of the Moon, looking Earthward.  Peary crater is the plain at the left.

The North Pole of the Moon.  2.5 degrees wide, 75 km.  Resolution 50 meters, 300 meters/millimeter.

LROC image Arizona State University

Framed and painted tiles.  The height is doubled relative to the area scale.  2.5 degree above, 5 degree below.


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2 responses to “Over the Pole

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  1. Hey thanks for the north pole shots. I’m working on a novel set there and the images really help me imagine it.

    • Thanks. If you want a relief map of a particular spot, I could create one and send it to you. It would be a jpeg like Sinus Iridum and Plato. The available resolution near the pole is 5 meters. The crater rim of Whipple sticks out into perpetual sunlight, and the bottom of Whipple is 7km below, very likely a cold trap. On the plains of Peary nearby is a flat area that looks like a landing site. Going around the long way on land looks possible from the plains to the rim.

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