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10″ dobsonian modified for travel.  I cut off the base and turntable flush with a trunnion, and moved the teflon glides closer to the center so they didn’t hit an edge when turning in azimuth.  A flat bungie is wrapped over the pivot to hold it in place and keep the dob from moving in altitude.   Two spring clips keep the bungie from slipping off the pivot.  The other bungie wraps around the tube and hooks on the handles of the hand truck.  The tongue of the truck has a 5/8″ hole to grab the nut keeping the pivot bolt in place. I brought along a screwdriver and laser collimator; this is a necessity after a half-mile of sidewalk and two flights of stairs.  Both times going up the stairs I got help from strangers.

On the way home, just a block away, the nuts holding one pivot finally loosened and dropped off.  There is a long history of these pivots loosening on the Zhumell dobs, and a little locktite fixes it, which I never did.  Now the nuts are trapped under the mirror.


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