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Monday, April 19, 2010 there was a Discovery Channel star party on the roof of an 18-story building at Fifth Avenue and 18th Street.  More than a dozen amateur astronomers brought their telescopes and set up facing the buildings of midtown and Times Square.  The conditions were spectacular.  I brought my  ETX-125 and macbook pro, and setup an astrophotography station to image the Moon and Saturn.  It was breezy,  but I did manage Saturn at f/30, very, very, soft.  The above is a detail from a larger exposure (1392 x 1040 16-bit) at prime focus, f/15.  Click a couple of times on the image to open full size.  Note the two ghost craters on Mare Nectaris plain.   The multi-peaked crater Theophilus is displaying it’s fourth peak.  Here is a closeup after reprocessing the stack:

This was the scene behind me:  yes, that’s the Empire State Building just up the street.

the view.


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