Sidewalk Astronomy on the High Line   Leave a comment

photo by Kiersten

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 was the start of the new season of High Line Astronomy by the Amateur Astronomers Association,  This is the bucketscope, a 114mm f/4.4 newtonian on a ball mount  The mount makes eyepiece height adjustable.  The base and scope fit in the bucket, which is a press fit on the ladder step.  The ladder folds, and the bucket has a handle so the whole thing fits through a subway turnstile or on the seat of a bus.

Aldebaran the bright star on the right, Betelgeuse on the left.   The astronomer is observing the Pleiades, found a few degrees above Venus, which had just set.  This was a particularly fine night, with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn all visible.  Mars is a degree or two away from the Beehive cluster nearly overhead.

You can find more pictures here; clicking the one above will enlarge it.  Use the back button in your browser to return.


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