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From earlier in the week, the last best exposure.  889 frames f/7.5.  This was reprocessed in Registax V with multiple alignment points.  Method 1 had nine points, method 2 about 250 points, matrix only two points.  I chose method 2.  A 1.4 megapixel stack of 889 frames took fifteen minutes to align, and each subsequent step (optimize, stack) took fifteen minutes or more.  The advantage to using a dual processor machine was that one processor was devoted to registax, and the other was available for work.  This is a crop from the original.  I do most adjustments at 150 to 200% of original size, then reduce back or smaller.


Shot at f/15, 449 frames 339 stacked:  95% quality.  This is a crop from a 1.4Mp image, but wordpress reduced it about 50%.  The best of the week:  about an hour of computer time processing. (24 alignment points, create reference frame, sharpen, continue, optimize, stack, sharpen.)  No processing in Photoshop except cropping and conversion to jpeg.


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