New camera, old problems

southernSouthern highlands.


Set up etx-125 alt-az alignment.  Tried three times, each time, got an alignment, and the autostar quit.  Finally got out the hand-paddle controller, and let the moon drift across field of view for each exposure,  1280×960 16 bit, eight exposures from a hundred to three hundred frames.  Conditions pretty awful, actually, with a cloudy haze, or a hazy cloud cover.  The only things visible in the sky were airplanes, the Moon, Jupiter, and Vega.  Any more sharpening brings out the waves of cloud drifting across the moon.  I received a C to T/2″ adapter, and connected it to a T to T focal reducer I bought and could not use several years ago.  It has a 1.25 inch eyepiece to T connected to it.  The focal reducer is a big glass lens.  Screwed in the IR filter and grabbed what frames I could.  These two were typical, reduced to 2/3 original size, then WordPress reduces them another fifty percent.


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